You’ll find here below the instructions guiding you to install JITSI on your PC/LAPTOP. JITSI allows you to make :

  • Phone calls and
  • Video Phone calls among HINPhone Subscribers.

PC/LAPTOP must have Microphone, Speakers, WebCam.

  • To know if your Operating System is 32 or de 64 bits, click on “Control Panel” then “System”.
    • After installing Jitsi, you must lauch it, then Add a new account : “File”/”Add new account ”
    • Under “Network”, select SIP, then fill in your Username and Password
      • Your Username (e.g. and
      • Your Password (provided by HINPhone)
      • A small Green button Online must appear on your JITSI screen.
    • Audio Settings  : click on “Tools/Options/Audio”.
      • Verify that your Microphone and Speakers are correctly operational.
    • Video Settings : click on “Tools/Options/Video/Encodages”.
      • Select the codec H264 and place it at the top of the list.
    • DTMF Settings : click on “Tools/Options/Account”
      • Check your SIP account,
      • Click on Edit/Connection
      • Under DTMF, selectionnez SIP INFO
      • Click on Next then Register.